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    Short-term medical insurance (STM) can be bought to cover a period as short as 30 days or up to 365 days (in some states), with the primary purpose of filling gaps in coverage. They tend to be lower in cost, as they do not include the same benefits as an ACA plan would include.  So why would you opt for short-term?

    • Lost job

    • Outside enrollment period – apply anytime!

    • Awaiting employment period with new employer

    • Early retirees who don’t qualify for Medicare.

    • They provide a safety net in the event of sudden illness or an accident.

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    Did you miss open enrollment?

    The open enrollment period for health insurance only runs for six weeks at the end of the year. If you can sign up for a plan during this time, it will begin on the first day of the year, which is the 1st of January. Although those who miss this 6-week window period may still qualify for a Special Enrollment Period, they should get ready to face some level of difficulty obtaining health insurance. The good news is that our diligent insurance agents know just how to help you qualify for that period and will be glad to help you get the health insurance you need. This means you won’t you let months go by without been insured or become a victim of paying too much for insurance, while you wait for the next open enrollment day. You can call us at any time of the year, and we would help you with your insurance needs. 

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    Do you have questions about insurance that you need immediate answers to, feel free to ask as you’re not alone? It could be questions about policies, option, coverage, premiums, deductibles, and so on. We would be so happy to answer all your questions and clear any question you may have.

    That is why you need someone like us on your side so that we can protect your interests. We would guide you every step of the way in finding the best policy for you.  Many people feel insurance is confusing, but we at National Insurance Direct are committed to making it as simple as possible for everyone.

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